Reforming the WHO

We are an international campaign group committed to reforming the World Health Organization (WHO).

Founded on noble principles, the WHO has strayed away from its core objectives - to attain the highest level of health for all people, prevent disease, provide essential healthcare services globally, and promote international collaboration in health matters.

From a sluggish response to the Ebola outbreak dubbed an "egregious failure", to its complicity in China's cover-up of COVID-19, the WHO has repeatedly let the world down, whilst building a global health empire that takes power away from countries and their citizens.

We believe countries should cooperate on health issues, and that the WHO should respect sovereignty and stop interfering in people's lives. The WHO should stick to its role - sharing information and providing guidance, not dictating policies that override national interests.

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Stop the Pandemic Treaty

Issues With The WHO

"The World Health Organization needs to be stopped in its tracks.

"The Pandemic Treaty will enable them to lock us down over the heads of our elected national governments.

"Either we reform the organization, or we simply leave it.

"So please join our campaign to stop this nonsense."

Nigel Farage

WHO in Numbers

CURRENT budget

US$7 Billion

Almost US$7 billion is the WHO's total budget for 2024-25, and organization which spent more on travel in 2017 (US$200 million) than on AIDS, tuberculosis & malaria combined.

Excess deaths

7 Million

Almost 7 million people died with COVID-19, from Ebola in West Africa in 2014-16, and of SARS in Far East Asia in 2003, in large part due to WHO incompetence.


Over 1 Year Delay

There was a delay of over a year before the WHO investigated the origins of COVID-19. They displayed gross negligence by allowing crucial data to slip through their fingers.

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